Tidal, Design by Needs Studio, 2023


Tidal is a ring-shaped ceiling lamp that evokes the motion of the tide and celestial bodies. Its fluid and oval design mimics wave movements and tidal changes, with one side wider than the other, appearing differently to the viewer depending on their position under the lamp.

The die-cast aluminium body projects light up and down at the same time. The ring discreetly hides all the technical elements inside the design, enhancing the object’s aesthetic value. The light source emits a glow that can illuminate an entire room, its output is 4680 lumens for both the 2700 K and 3000 K versions.


Measuring 60 cm, Tidal is available in three matte finishes: white, suited to minimalist interiors, and terra and champagne, which offer a more decorative touch for embellishing spaces with their warm and elegant tones.

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Tidal Light source Structure: Metal Code 2700 K Code 3000 K
↙ 2700 K
↙ 34 W ⁄ 6840 lm
↙ 700 mA
↙ 220 / 240 V
↙ CRI 90
↙ MacAdam 3–Step
↙ 3000 K
↙ 34 W ⁄ 6860 lm
↙ 700 mA
↙ 220 / 240 V
↙ CRI 90
↙ MacAdam 3–Step
A ▲ 75% Emission direct light
B ▲ 25% Emission indirect light
LED and driver included
Matte White – 9016Matte White – 9016
Matte ChampagneMatte Champagne
19930 1027
19930 4527
19930 6727
19930 1030
19930 4530
19930 6730
CE IP 20 Energy Saving Dim Triac EAC
Energy efficiency class
Ecodesign Regulation

The light source contained in this device must only be replaced by the manufacturer or by the latter’s assistance service or by equally specialised personnel.

The LED driver contained in this fixture must only be replaced by the manufacturer, its support service or similarly qualified personnel.

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